Our Services


Is your computer slower than a snail stuck in treacle?
Let the nerds give you a tune up!

PC Builds & Upgrades

Need a bespoke computer?
Want to upgrade your existing machine?
We can get you going.

Virus removal

Computer acting strangely?
We can help you clean up your PC.

Computer Repair

Is your computer dead as a dodo?
Let us get you fixed up.

Antivirus & Software

Do you need protection for your devices?
In need of Office or CAD software?
Come to us for your software requirements.

Technical Support

Updates giving you the run around?
Do you struggle knowing your browser from your broadband?
We can give you remote support.

Cloud Storage

Do you need your data wherever you are?
Use our Cloud storage solutions.

Networking & Telephony

Got a new office to set up?
Need to adjust to your existing configuration?
We can create your I.T. infrastructure.